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REDAVIA brings solar to Kenyan flower farm

Focus on a customer of REDAVIA solar who have received access to clean and affordable solar energy for their Kenyan flower farm and the benefits this has provided.

To date, Energise Africa’s community of investors have raised over £2 million in flexible finance for REDAVIA solar, contributing to the ongoing success of this pioneering solar business in sub-Saharan Africa that is using solar energy as a key driver for sustainable development there.

Redavia has 40 solar plants in operation, one of them being a 428 kWp solar power system that is deployed at Shalimar Flowers Farm Limited in Naivasha, Kenya. Consisting of 1,500 solar panels, it’s currently REDAVIA’s biggest solar power plant in Kenya. 

Since installing the solar generation system, the flower farm has seen reduced energy costs as a result of being able to access a reliable supply of clean energy during daylight hours. Much of the remarkable savings they are making is down to solar energy now powering water pumps that pump water from a nearby lake to irrigate the farm’s produce.

The farm (which covers 350 hectares of land) grows roses and vegetables, which are then packed locally and exported to over 35 countries worldwide. In order to maintain their freshness, the freshly picked roses and vegetables are kept cool until their arrival in the respective buyers’ countries. Before installing the solar plant, the cold warehouses were the most significant energy-consuming areas of the farm, but they are now powered by renewable solar energy. 

With the money saved by switching to solar energy, the farm was able to invest in extra greenhouses to grow more flowers and vegetables and this growth will have a positive effect on local employment. Every greenhouse at Shalimar Flower Farm employs 30 people, and in total, 1,500 people from the Naivasha community work at the farm.

Looking ahead, REDAVIA expects further growth in their industrial solar installations business, as more and more companies are looking to save money while embracing sustainability and transitioning to clean energy. Energise Africa investors will play a vital role in helping to fund this growth and by investing, they will be able to help more businesses like the Shalimar Flower Farm to blossom and grow!

Capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed. Past performance is not indicative of future results.


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